The future

What is the future of the rail transport and the public regular transport of everyday life like buses and trains?

Here are some videos of futuristic trains I found interesting ti share:
A train that never stops
Participation at
A giant bus that drive over cars

What are the characteristics of a train that makes it more special in comparison with other travel means?

Except the fact that railway transport transformed our lives by uniting towns across the nation and providing new opportunities for people to travel, railways helped break down old cultural divisions and expand social exchange for ordinary people. The railway station emerged as the place where people met and mingled, the starting and arrival point for journeys to work, the country, the city and the wider world. The station was a gateway through which individuals could expand their network of social exchange beyond their town and village to the wider world.

It is also  about the people, the music, and the art that brought about new jobs, new forms of communication, and an entire new way of life. In a train a micro society can be developed that in a car or airplane is not possible. The landscape and the attractions are always changing and the passenger is never bored from the view as it happens in a cruise ship or an airplane. The cruise ships are huge and chaotic, the view is an endless blue water. Many attractions can keep u active but it does not fit the physical environment of the human. The same happens with the airplane and maybe worst.Limited space, very very small opening, no chances for social interaction. What about the cars? The similarity with the train is the view, always changing, and there is a small chance of interaction, but nay possibility to walk or have a meal or a drink in a proper way. The bicycle is out of comparison! Lonely traveler for a limited time. The view might change though and can be very interesting according to the surrounding, if you are cycling in a city or nature. The only transport mean that could be very close to train is the bus. But is has some little disadvantages like the space, is still limited and there is a small option to walk and interact with others, there is not an option to have  a proper meal and most of the times is not running through beautiful landscapes.

Why people use the trains nowadays and how?

 Generally people are using more often the trains in Europe than the U.S.Is the number one mode of mass transportation. Train service in most of Europe is excellent, very efficient, convenient and affordable Now people can live much farther from where they worke, and commute by train. I would say that people in Europe mostly travel by buses and trains and use airplanes only when in hurry or when going on a summer vacation and their time is limited or really long-distance. We use the trains every day for business or pleasure. Not all the people like the trains is an interesting story I found on line from a train traveler.

The users From Athens to Thessaloniki:

A general view

Mike and Angeliki

Visiting Angelikis parents that live in Thessaloniki


She is going to Larisa for a job interview


He was going with his family on vacation

A foreign shy man

Was going to Thiva and then another village near by to work

(didn’t got his name)


She is visiting her son that studies in Thessaloniki

An Italian family

They were going on vacation from the south part to the north


She is going back home to Thessaloniki from Larisa that is studying

(busy day)


From Germany with a group,they are traveling through Greece this summer

A group of French teenagers

I captured them before the departure

They are traveling to Thessaloniki to shift to Halkidiki from there.

Halkidiki is the large peninsula near by the sea