About trains and other means

What is your favorite one and why? Are you traveling by train because the plane is more expensive? Do you drive because you love driving? Or you are the kind of the person that never gets apart from their bicycle and dreaming to start a ride trip and never come back?

This blog is a platform that you can share your notions, ideas and opinions about all kind of transport means you have experienced or would like to, All that you love or hate, or you could just drop and say Hi!

Thanks all for communicating and helping my research.


3 Comments on “About trains and other means”

  1. someone says:

    The way I take transportation depends on many things- How far it is, Traveling alone or with someone?, the weather, money..

    So, I take hypothetical example that I will go to Hamburg this summer with my two friends for free.

    – I will take a train, because it’s good to talk with my friends on the way,or I can read a book, or take some nap, or listen some music with beautiful view outside of window..

    For some reason, train is more comfortable than flight: you don’t have to fasten your belt..you have bigger window.. the air is normal..chair is bigger and comfortable, sometimes you can sit with people looking at each other..(more sociable)..

    Maybe the best thing you can get from train is the “view”. that makes you feel that you are “going” somewhere.. that makes you recognize the kind of ‘visual process’ that you can experience “traveling, going away from some point to another”- this you can not feel that much in flight:because you can’t really see the changing when you sit in the flight. you feel more like just sitting for a long time, and after some time later, you just arrive another the place without knowing, or seeing “how” to get there…somehow..

    so, train is good for traveling.
    Sometimes I prefer slower train than faster one. not only because it’s cheaper, but also I love to being in the train itself, enjoying some kind of moving itself… also normally, that kind of slower train has dining senction that we can hang around, drink, bumping with some strangers..

    Well, that’s basically it. I guess..
    Hope this might be helpful for your research.

  2. Thu-Thanh Nguyen says:

    I know it’s always good to have physical interaction on public transport. But sometimes I just want to be far away of the noisy and busy present with familiar things to travel to a place where there are only strangers around me. So I don’t want to talk with anyone. It’s just a personal experience, hope that it helps.

  3. Paul says:

    I found a very interesting movie about a dangerous train journey through Mexico to the US.’Sin Nombre (2009) ‘
    by Cary Fukunaga.
    Honduran teenager Sayra reunites with her father, an opportunity for her to potentially realize her dream of a life in the U.S. Moving to Mexico is the first step in a fateful journey of unexpected events.

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